Live debugging with open-source tools (Programming for ESP8266: Part 4)

Intro Debugging is a powerful technique that allows us to understand better the inner workings and logic of an application. It can save us a lot of time and efforts during troubleshooting. Debugging on a device, like the ESP8266 microcontroller (aka ESP), is even more helpful because it facilitates us to understand how the device is actually […]

Stanford engineer aims to connect the world with ant-sized radios

Seems like the guys from Stanford University were also developing small devices, the size of an ant, that are capable of radio communication without having a battery. The idea is similar to what the guys from Washington did. But the implementation seems different. Much of the infrastructure needed to enable us to control sensors and […]

Improve Your IoT Devices.

Some of the existing IoT that we have actually have good hardware and it is the software that makes them feel useless or insecure. In a series of articles we will try to explain how to “Know Your Device”, “Cross-Compile For it”, “Emulate It Locally” and “Connect Safely To The Cloud”.

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